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Domain Ip History

Howard 3 days ago 0

Website ip history checker tool show you the complete information 
of webservers. This tool will show when and where you webserver 
changed for a specific domain name. By using it you can check when 
you site propagated to new hosting company.



Reverse Image Search

Shivelyas 3 days ago 0

Search by images is a feature by using you can check similar pictures 
and photos from the internet. It is important to check your media 
around the internet so that you can get credit from those websites. 
Also sometimes people steal your data via some hacking tricks, you 
can also catch those people if they are using your pictures.



Text Compare

Shivelyas 4 days ago 0

Our Text compare tool allows you to check similarity between two 
texts and show you the overall matched percentage matched in both 
texts. It is a side by side text comparison search and there is 
not daily limit to use this too.



On Demand App Development - On-Demand Startup

Barkan Saeed 5 days ago 0

We customize the platform according to your unique business and provide you a unique UI. The platform is built on scalable infrastructure so you can grow according to the users without worrying about the scalability or quality issues.

Source: https://ondemandstartup.com


Keywords By Total words Ratio

Adella 5 days ago 0

SEO freaks always plan each of their activity. As each step eventually 
concludes our failure or success in online World. So, same mentality 
should be practiced towards each new post. These freaks search for 
best keywords that can be ranked for easily and then supply these 
to their writers or employees to work on these. Now there is a set 
limitations between Keywords and total words according to Search 
Engines phenomenon. But let me just tell you a little difference 
between keywords and words.



SEO Friendly urls checker

Edwardds 5 days ago 0

URLs are actually meant to address any web-property located somewhere 
at a specific space that is most probably a computer, that’s always 
switched on, connected to internet and capable to respond the query 
calls. This is the only purpose of URLs, but what are the SEO Friendly 
URLs? As we discussed the purpose of URLs, so the path should be correct 
and the files must be there to respond. But Search Engines like Google 
consider URLs as one of bits and pieces of SEO.



Code to Text Ratio

Edwardds 6 days ago 0

Whenever we develop a webpage we require to put lots of code to make 
it look reasonable. We structure it like a webpage using HTML, then 
we make it colorful using CSS, then we also consider to put some 
effects of jQuery and sometimes we also need to validate user-input 
using JavaScript etc. So, all of our code embeds to maintain the 
shape and functionality of our webpages. Now comes the text turn 
that is used to display the information for the visitors of that 
particular website.



DNS Records Checker

Evelyn 6 days ago 0

You also need to check your records for the security purposes. 
Let’s say you have some security added to your website like 
cloudflare to prevent DDOS attacks. You might hide your ip 
address but sometimes hackers check your direct ip address 
from MX records. So you have to keep all records secure. A 
records could also be used to do hacking attacks on your website.



Bulk Alexa Rank Checker

Evelyn 6 days ago 0

There are lot of factors that are used to calculate the rank of your 
website. One of the most important factors is the overall users of 
your website. Second, how much a user spends average time on your 
website. Third, how often a user regularly visits your website. A 
lot of other matrices involved to calculate the ranking of your 
website like social signal, social fan following etc.



BackLinks Maker

Evelyn 1 week ago 0

Prepostseo backlinks generator tool is developed for those websites 
that are newly designed. It is hard for search engines to index those 
websites. To fulfill that need you have to get backlinks from different 
platforms so that you can attract search engines bots to your webpages.