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Google Malware Checker

Richard 2 weeks ago 0

Google works really hard to make the internet surfers’ life absolutely 
hassle free and fun. Google keeps on scanning its index using a virtual 
machine. This machine detects all of those pages and websites that are 
harmful. Websites can be harmful in the way, like may be the sites are 
fishing sites, scamming people using different ways, maybe some are full 
of malwares and or viruses etc. So, basically Google tries to get rid all 
of these sites, un-index such sites and even show the safe or unsafe sign 
on each and every of its search pages with the site title. So, it’s always 
better to look for a site that is safe to visit beforehand to keep your 
personal as well as confidential information safe and secure.



XML / HTML Sitemap Generator

Morris 2 weeks ago 0

XML sitemap is a formatted xml file on your web server. It includes 
al links of your website that you want to index in the search engines. 
By adding this file you speedup webpages index in the search engines. 
XML sitemaps not only help google bots to crawl your urls, It also 
show the last modification date of your webpage. You can submit xml 
site maps to all popular search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.



Website pages Snooper

Morris 2 weeks ago 0

With the passage of time rivalry between websites is getting harder, 
faster and top of all more complicated. With each crawling single 
instance of time, websites in bulk quantity are uploaded and gets 
online. Every website is stretched to its best capabilities to 
compete best in this hell of close competition reign. So everyone 
is ready to bury one’s all precious assets to win the race. One 
important thing that is the back-bone and dependable item for a 
website is its code. How beautifully it is structured.



Spider Simulator

Charlotte 2 weeks ago 0

Search Engines have adopted the mode of crawling within website pages and collect information. 
This information plays certainly a heavy duty role as far as standing of anyone’s website is 
concerned. So, whatever these crawlers or spiders (You can name these whatever you like, 
these won’t bite you.) collect the information, is crucial and every SEO official gives head 
into it. They exactly know how intense sensitivity of this information contains. So, what is 
the information Spiders collect



Moz Rank Checker

Lowe 2 weeks ago 0

Who doesn’t know about MOZ? I don’t think so there is one. Today we have 
numerous websites online that serve in different and versatile areas of 
SEO. Every passing day brings in more and more similar websites online. 
Such kind of websites are extremely useful to have detailed stats of 
every effort we make towards SEO.



Stamp Duty Calculator

Hill 2 weeks ago 0

The term ‘’ stamp duty ’’ basically refers to the tax placed by the 
government usually on the transfers of properties or when someone 
makes a purchase of some property or also taxes placed on the assets. 
These taxes are added when the properties such as houses, pieces of 
lands and buildings etc are bought.



Techno Bite

Hill 2 weeks ago 0

If you are a blogger, and someone asks you what is the #1 goal in SEO being a 
blogger you want to achieve, the answer, straightaway would be number one 
position in on the first page of search engines. In past day we had been 
created backlinks, with a proper keyword, and ranked a website, but nowadays, 
like the way, Google and search engines have been evolved, you need to take 
care of about hundreds of factors which put the salt in ranking your post or website.




Hill 2 weeks ago 0

Facebook has become a great sensation; even the search engines Like Google have 
to prepare Google plus to lower the impact of this website, but could not. The 
impact of this medium on the generation of this era is unmatchable if you want 
to be a successful blogger; you need to mold yourself according to Facebook. So, 
if you are interested in getting a huge amount of traffic from Facebook, you need 
to look twice at each step. Because, if you were kicked off by Facebook it would 
be difficult to steer up again, these are some useful tips which we are going to 
share with you, to successfully boost your social media traffic.




Hill 2 weeks ago 0

There are literally millions of tricks and techniques which can help you boost your
ranking in search engen results. Having a vast knowledge about wich techniques will
suit your rankings is the true SEO. Avoid techniques that are short-term and can harm
your page for example,Black hat techniques. The audience is the key and qulity is the 
way to get it.



IBW Calculator

Richardsonds 2 weeks ago 0

The ideal body weight is the category under which the weight of the 
person falls in the ‘’healthy’’ range. if a person falls below or 
above this weight range, then the person either ‘’underweight or 
overweight’’ respectively. Ideal body weight.