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Writing an essay is something everybody has to do at one point in their life. Whether it’s for a class or for college admissions or even if it’s to help someone instead of letting them pay for an essay writing online company, we need to learn how to write them properly.

First of all, choose a topic that is interesting for you, that you can write a lot about, that you, personally, know a lot of things about.

Research! Go to the library and search information about your topic. Make sure that everything you put in your paper is cited or paraphrased.

Make a rough draft of your paper. Put bullet points on every major information and then put them into paragraphs. It’s great if you make up your hook, then you thesis and then what you are going to write about in each paragraph so you get a sense on how to design your paper.

Fourthly, fill in the empty spaces. Make your paper look as pretty as possible by adding evidence and examples for everything you write. This will build a strong paper that will get a high grade.

Finally, make sure you read it again and again as every time you do this, you will find something to modify and make better.

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